I'm a killer writer/director with a heart of gold. I write fiction that explores the strange nature of human existence and the choices we make to survive as individuals and as a species.

You might know me as a tv and film producer, reality show producer, editor, advertising campaign creator, actor-- or you might have seen my undercover work as a pageant reporter in the movie Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa.

Or perhaps you're here after seeing my name in the credits as writer and producer on the new tv adaptation of my favorite novel since childhood, Stephen King's The Stand for Paramount Plus. Truly, our show is a dream come true for me and I hope you enjoy it.

As a writer/director, I tend to focus on horror because the life and death nature of the genre is universally relatable.

Life can seem like horror, but if we look at it the right way it's really fun.

Jill Killington

Jill Killington 2021